What is Christian healing?


When Jesus lived on earth he had compassion for those who were ill and healed them wherever he found them. We believe that Jesus still heals today, and he has called the Church, to continue to bring His healing ministry to those in need. Healing is a process and often those who receive prayer find an improvement in their condition, a lessening of pain, or a greater inner healing and peace which gives the ability to live better within their situation; sometimes the greater miracles we ask God for, do happen. Those Christians who pray for healing do not claim any “healing power” for themselves. Their role is purely to bring the need of the person asking for prayer to God for His healing touch.

Do I need to be a Christian or a believer to come to be prayed for?

No, you don't. Anyone can come. Jesus didn't insist on people having faith before he prayed for them. His love doesn't set limits. You can come as you are and receive prayer for healing. What does it cost to come to be prayed for? It is free to come and receive prayer. This is a voluntary work and the people who pray here love Jesus Christ. Christians want to share what they have received. Jesus says, “Freely you have received, freely give". Who does the healing? The ministry is based on the words of Jesus Christ in Mark 16:18:” they will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well”. The presence of Jesus Christ through the Holy Spirit heals the sick.


When can I be prayed for?

You are welcome to attend any of our published meetings, where prayer for healing will always be offered. You could also request a separate time for prayer and you can contact us to arrange that.


What can I expect if I am prayed for?

Prayer is best if it is not hurried. We will ask God’s Holy Spirit to rest on you and bring you God’s healing. We may ask your permission to place a hand on your shoulder or your head as we pray, and this is called the ‘laying on of hands’ and from first Christian experience this was the way that Christians prayed for others to receive the blessings of the Holy Spirit.


What about conventional medicine?

God has created an ordered world and has blessed scientific discovery and knowledge so that doctors are able to treat us for all sorts of complaints. God has given our bodies natural healing processes. We believe that God heals us through the work of doctors but that at times he also heals people outside the bounds of medical science. When people feel their condition has been improved or cured through our prayers it is important that they continue to take any prescribed medicines and visit their doctor for advice about any changes they may wish to make.