Anthony Matthew

Before my calling to Lay Ministry in the church, I was asked to be involved in giving support to farming people and their families. This came through my continuing link with the Christian and Agricultural World.
My Bible college training showed me the necessity of making known the Word of God. I felt God’s increasing messages to me to open the scriptures for others. I believe that God’s love is shown in conversation with others and the care that is given.

I worked in farming for over 10 years, mainly as a dairy herdsman. When I gave this up I was clearly called to go to Bible College in Birmingham. This full-time, 3 year course gave me a very good understanding of the Christian faith. I pushed various doors. One was opened for me to go to Albania and support missionaries. This was good training for me in how to depend more on God, and to learn the necessary spiritual disciplines that being a Christian involves. (Farming Community Network)