Ann Fielden

My favourite bible verse is Isaiah 61:3-4 because of a dream that I had about lying and looking through the branches of a beautiful tree. We’d had the reading at morning prayer in St Katharine’s and I kept asking people where that bit about the trees comes in the Bible and no one seemed to be able to tell me. Finally I realised that it is a verse that is used in the Ordination service, and I began to understand that God was calling me.

I grew up in Surrey, going to church sometimes, and then when I went to teacher training college and discovered that the sky didn’t fall in if I didn’t go to church, so I dropped out of faith. Finally, after getting married, teaching, living in Lancashire, Surrey, and France and having three children, we came to live in Holt, and I finally gave my life to God on Easter Sunday 2000 in St Mary’s Broughton Gifford.

Now I love living quietly in Broughton Gifford with my husband, Christopher, and Juba the dog who is named after the capital of South Sudan, where Christopher and I have been several times, and now we both support our link diocese of Kadugli in Sudan.