Potholes and Belly-flops

Book Review by Kate M

Potholes and Belly-flops, Susie Flashman Jarvis, 2013

ISBN 978 0 9559135 8 7

This is an auto-biography written without polish or pretence. As an established Christian Susie tells the story of her transformation from a hedonistic lifestyle in the modelling industry to a life of faith. The later part of the book documents her daily discussions with God and how she practises her faith today.

I enjoyed reading Susie’s story and learning how God has changed her life.

Faith on the Streets

Book Review by Kate M

Faith on the Streets, Les Isaac & Rosalind Davis, 2014 Hodder & Stoughton

ISBN 978 1 444 75009 6

This book was inspirational and tells the story of The Street Pastors movement. Having recently seen a woman wearing a ‘Street Pastor’ T Shirt in Bath I felt called to buy this book when I saw it at a Christian Festival this summer. It didn’t’ disappoint as it explains the birth of this movement, the work Street Pastors do through the eyes of people who have encountered their help on the streets and how they work in community; a book of Christianity at work in our schools and on our streets today. This is something I would like to explore further.