Link with Dominica

We were privileged to have Tina and Harry Alexander and one of their daughters Renautta at St K (George, Tina’s dad from the St K congregation on the far left).

As Tina shared about their ministry in Dominica, many of us were surprised at just how many avenues of assistance they end up offering to the island – recovery after Storm Erika, fighting for the abused, advocacy, promoting change in the law, assisting the disabled and the dying and the list goes on…

We can help by continuing to pray and by contributing to the container loads of ‘useful things’ that are shipped each year, and we can give financially. Tina mentioned other ways to connect – Visit them, they have Airbnb and two rain forest homes to let – opportunities for Gap Year placements – has anyone got storage space for packed boxed for the months before they go in the container? – Can we send toys for the children of Dominica for Christmas? Please contact us if you can help!