Home Groups

It’s hard to progress in your faith, if you don’t have the opportunity to ask questions, to share and listen to ideas, and to hear from other’s of their experience of God. Often we don’t learn how to study the bible or to pray without being involved in a small group of Christians where such matters are taught, discussed and encouraged. This is why we have homegroups. They are there to help us be disciples.

Homegroups are small groups of up to 12 people. They differ in style and content, but they all offer study of the bible, prayer, and pastoral support. In such a group you would get to know your fellow group members well, and in time we would expect groups to reach out to others with the good news of the gospel.


In order to achieve all this we offer a variety of small groups which meet weekly, either for short courses of about six weeks, or longer term.
It is in these informal groups that the bible can be studied in detail, difficult questions can be asked and discussed, friendships can be developed, prayer offered for one another, and we can find ways of serving others.