Who are we?

Vision statement:

Bringing God’s healing love to all as a declaration of His goodness.

Core values:

To encourage, equip and resource the local church to bring Christ’s healing to their communities.

To be a prayerful community who seek God’s voice and answer it with a ‘yes’.

To preach the message of grace and see it confirmed in miraculous signs and wonders (Acts 14:3)

To pray for healing of body, mind and spirit, bringing wholeness and freedom.


God is love.

He has reached out to us through His son Jesus, and He desires our salvation, and that we should become whole and free.

We are a community gathered around St Katharine’s church at Holt in Wiltshire who are seeking to bring healing and wholeness through Jesus Christ. Our aim is to pray for those who need Christ’s healing touch today, whether they are ill in body, mind or spirit. We will pray for you either in person through the work of the healing centre or through our prayer request service.

Through our programme of monthly healing meetings and occasional one-day conferences we are seeking to raise the profile of the Christian healing ministry and to be a resource for local churches. We provide training in prayer for healing and run a variety of courses which seek to bring people to greater wholeness and freedom through Christ’s teachings.

The name ‘Gateway’ comes from Genesis 28 and Jacob’s dream of a ladder stretching up to heaven. Jacob declares the place where he has slept to be the use of God and the gateway of Heaven. Christians are ‘houses’ where God dwells and gateways through which the goodness of Heaven comes to Earth.

Gateway is jointly led by Revd Andrew Evans and Revd Helen Begley.