Gateway Christian Healing

We are a community of prayer based at St Katherine’s church at Holt in Wiltshire. The members of the community come from all walks of life and are committed to meet together to pray for those who are ill in body, mind or spirit. The members come from Holt itself and beyond. We meet regularly to pray and our aim is to pray for those who need Christ’s healing touch today, either in person through the work of the healing centre or through our prayer request service.

If you would like more information about us or are interested in joining our community please contact Helen Begley by way of the Get in Touch page. 


What is Christian Healing?

When Jesus lived on earth he had compassion for those who were ill and healed them wherever he found them. We believe that Jesus still heals today, and he has called The Church, to continue to bring His healing ministry to those in need. This happens both through the knowledge and wisdom of conventional medicine and outside it. Cures can happen through prayer, but healing is a process and often those who receive prayer find an improvement in their condition , a lessening of pain, or a greater inner healing and peace which gives the ability to live better within their situation.
Those Christians who pray for healing do not claim any “healing power” for themselves. Their role is purely to bring the need of the person asking for prayer to God for His healing touch.
When people feel their condition has been improved or cured through our prayers it is important that they continue to take any prescribed medicines, and visit their doctor for advice about any changes they may wish to make.