Andrew talks about ‘bucking the trend’ on BBC Radio Wiltshire

This morning Andrew had a short interview on BBC Radio Wiltshire. It was about how St Katharine’s is going against the tide as the Church of England announces that national attendance has dropped below 1 million for the first time.

If you would like to have a listen, click on the following link and skip to 1:23:50 (this is the point in the show that you can hear the interview).

News from Dominica

The pictures below show the recipients of the important gifts, chosen with some care…


A sewing machine was donated to a lovely young woman in St Jo with eleven children……Yes 11! and the oldest was just 14!


They live in a two roomed wooden house with no furniture, no beds, no clothes storage and the stove and a washing machine on the porch! She has placed the precious sewing machine in a what was an ice cream kiosk on the side of the road and she is already underway making hair decorations and bags to be able to sell.



And here are some pictures of the big send off…




If you would like to find out more about Tina’s news and Lifeline Dominica, please visit her website:

Thank you

George & Angela

Update from Beccy!

BeccyI am in my first year at Moorlands College studying a BA Honours in applied theology. I am currently working alongside the children at my placement church which is a community-based church in a village near Christchurch. I am also working on an art project within the children’s work to provide resources and craft ideas to use in Sunday school.

I am really enjoying life at Moorlands, especially having the privilege of living and working in a Christian community. It is such a blessing to be able to worship, eat, sleep, work, learn and live with other believers, when for so many they are persecuted for wanting to learn about Jesus.


Beccy is part of the St K congregation and is currently training at Moorlands College at Christchurch on the south coast. She is taking a course in applied theology with emphasis on youth and community work. Over the summer we helped raise some money to support her in her course… Let’s also get behind her in prayer…

Andrew Desmond – Licensed Lay Minister

On 18th November Andrew suffered a major stroke, and sadly he never regained consciousness. He died on 25th November. He may not have been conscious for the last week of his life, but to the many people who ar-rived at his bedside, he was still ministering, bringing healing and reconciliation. He had been part of the St K congregation for a while and had been serving in the Benefice since his licensing last November. His amazing gift of photography is evident in this year’s Christmas leaflet and on our new website. We’ll miss his gracious manner, his passionate faith, his willingness to serve, and his ability to communicate the gospel.

His funeral is due to take place at St Katharine’s on Tuesday 8th December at 12.30

Our thoughts, prayers and love go out to His family, friends and colleagues at this difficult time.He was a man who carried in very great blessing and will be sorely missed.

Ruth Mecredy, licence to…

On 17th November at Winsley Ruth Mecredy was miraculously transformed from a curate into an Associate Priest and licensed to serve in our Benefice. Well done, Ruth.

Bishop Edward took the service.

Ruth received her vocation in our Benefice and always thought this was where God had called her to serve. Will you be the one to follow her? We have two other people in Benefice exploring vocation at present, one for stipendiary priest and one as LLM.

Who wants to be confirmed?

Confirmation marks the point in the Christian journey at which you affirm for yourself the faith into which you have been baptized and your intention to live a life of committed discipleship. If you were Christened as an infant your parents and godparents made promises for you; now you make the Baptismal commitment of faith for yourself.

We have a Confirmation Service in the Deanery on 17th April 2016. In the New Year we are offering Confirmation Classes leading up to that date. This is aimed at youngsters, but I am also interested in hearing from any adult who would like to be Con-firmed and I will arrange a separate programme for adults.


Who needs a website sat-nav? Click here!

Thanks –

First of all, we would like to give a huge thank you to those who set up, maintained and updated the old website. We know how much hard work went into it and we would like to recognise how useful it was. A great deal of progress has been made through it in building the online presence of the Family of Churches. Thank you!

Another thank you goes out to those who have given such a lot into the ideas, content and media for the new website, from the early stages right up to this point. Special thanks to our photographers, you know who you are! We have some wonderful new photos, many of which we are using now, others of which we have stored up for the future. It brings it all to life.

God has given us some amazingly gifted and creative people at St Katharine’s.

The Website

With this new space comes some exciting features which facilitate the organisation of our church, welcome new people, encourage creative worship, share resources and feed on God’s word throughout the week, whilst keeping everyone up to date with all the exciting things going on…


Here are a few Highlights:


  • The Hub is the focal point of the website, the home page. It is a snappy area in which you can tap into church news, up and coming dates, prayers, explore interesting posts, blogs and articles. We hope that it will reflect the wonderful hive of activity in our church family.
  • Under the ‘What’s On’ menu along the top (the navigation bar), you will find the Online Diary. This lists the entirety of what is going on! You can even print it off or link it to your own electronic calendar.
  • The Blogs are split up into the categories listed below, you can find them in the drop-down menu under ‘the Hub’ (navigation bar), or explore them through the Home Page (the Hub) itself:
    • Church Press – full of events and special features that come directly from the church office.
    • The Dog Collar Blog is where Andrew (or other leaders!) will be sharing what they think God has to say to us. Something for the ‘church dispersed’, those who are not satisfied with only one sermon a week!
    • Encounters – This is about sharing creativity online and it is run by you, the people of St Katharine’s. It’s here that we hope you will find that little bit of extra food for the soul. Maybe stories or testimonies, book reviews or wonderful photography, inspiration for worship and anything else that may come along! A place to share creativity, encourage one another in our faith and enjoy the beauty we find in anything that honours our heavenly Father. Currently this section is divided into two themes, ‘Spiritual Food’ and ‘Worship’. Perhaps you have an idea for the next one?
      Check out a couple of examples like this Book Review, or this seasonal thought, On the Home Front — both by members of St Katharine’s!
  • On the website you will also be able to find sermons, prayers, links, church events, groups, TLC, giving, the healing centre and more. Go up to the navigation bar along the top and have a look!


What it’s all about


Most of all and most importantly, we lift this up to our creative God, our Lord and Saviour. It’s all about him at the end of the day and his great love. We hope and pray that God uses this technological space, relevant to the age in which we live, to further his Kingdom here in this wonderful part of Wiltshire. Finally, we pray that you also know the amazing and indescribable power of his love through Jesus Christ as your personal saviour. Let us lift high his name!

We really hope that you enjoy the new website and hope to see you at church soon. Why not check out future services here? Look for ‘Next few days’.

Many thanks, 
St K’s Website team 

Alpha Courses Starting Soon

Have you ever felt you’ve never had your real questions about faith, really answered? An Alpha Course puts you in a small group of people who want to explore the Christian faith together. Each week there is some input from a talk, but in the discussion afterwards, you set the agenda in terms of what you want to discuss – no aspect of faith is out of bounds and there is no question too hostile or too simple for you to ask.

We are currently trying to put together courses in BG and Holt. Contact Andrew to express an interest and to find out more.