Dominica – can you help ?

You probably remember Hurricane Maria and the devastation it caused in Dominica in September 2017 – and the extraordinarily generous response from Holt to their appeal for immediate help.

Much has changed since then with most residents now having a roof over their heads, some in in multi-occupancy hurricane-proof houses. Having lost everything though, and not having much income, they are still short of essentials with many sleeping on the ground, no kitchen utensils, no tools for horticulture and a very thin Christmas time for the children.

So we are running a second appeal – it’s very simple, if you have any of the goods listed below that you could donate, please would you leave them with Harry in the Superstore by the end of January?

The shipping costs will be about £2,000, of which we have already raised nearly half, so if you can make a donation towards shipping then you can do so through the St Katharine’s Church bank account (a/c  01525597  sort code 30-98-75)  giving the reference ‘Dominica 2020’.

Or there is a justgiving page which can also be used:

Bed linen sheets & pillowcases, pillows, duvet covers (but not duvets), waterproof mattress covers


Good quality clothes for men, women and children*, and swimming clothes for kids, saucepans, frying pans, general hand tools (non-electric).

For children books, sports equipment, schoolbags, black school shoes, white trainers, dominoes, playing cards, toys. Computer tablets**.

Medical supplies over-the-counter medicines, first aid supplies, honey dressings

Wheelchairs for adults.

Domestic items flat-pack bookshelves, curtains, toiletries, torches, batteries, gardening tools, sewing machines,.

To finish on a snippet of lovely news: Tina Alexander from Dominica, who many of you know and who is central to our aid efforts, was awarded the MBE for the work she did there in the days following Maria.

Thanks in advance – we’ll let you know how we get on with this appeal.

Mark Bennett and Martin Moyes

*Remember Dominica is a very hot country all year around. No top coats please!

** Working with chargers and personal documents erased.

Welcoming Simon Guillebaud

We are very much looking forward to welcoming Simon Guillebaud to speak at the Gateway Christian Healing meeting on January 29th at 7.30pm. Simon has spent the last 20 years in Burundi with his missionary organisation, Great Lakes Outreach. Burundi is one of the poorest nations on earth and has suffered from terrible wars in the last few years. Simon tells of the amazing power of God at work in extraordinary ways every day. His story of being called to ministry and the dynamic way he has seen God move, is both encouraging and deeply challenging. You can read much more in his interview with Christianity magazine here.

So, get the date in your diary. 29th January 7.30pm St Katharine’s Church, Holt, BA14 6PZ. Come and hear the life-changing ways that God is moving and healing today. As Simon says in his interview “the vision I’m painting right now, of urgency and passion and focus and worship and serving the King –that is very compelling. But it takes everything.” (see the full interview with Megan Cornwell at Premier Christianity magazine. )

Christmas is coming

Here we are into the second week of December! Christmas lights are on in the towns and Christmas trees are springing up as we move through Advent. We had a wonderful concert at St Katharine’s on Saturday – a really lovely evening. Coming up next in our Christmas list will be the fun Beer and Carols on The Tollgate on 19th December. Come and join us.

Preparing for a new future in the Diocese of Kadugli, Sudan

We have been delighted to hear more of the stories of God working, and the healings that took place during the Kadugli conference. To read the new blog, please follow the link below to the Rooted in Jesus website. In recent months Sudan has undergone regime change. There is a new Prime Minister and a government shared between civilians and the military which is intended to lead to elections in three years’ time. The people of Sudan have great hopes that this will bring greater freedom, a relaxing of sanctions which are currently crippling their economy, and peace between warring parties.  The team who went came back full of joy at all that God had done. To read more click here: Rooted in Jesus blog

November 2019 visit to Kadugli

In November 2019 a team from the Bradford Deanery left for Sudan to deliver a Rooted in Jesus discipleship course. Andrew has a few words about their trip.

Well, we are back from Kadugli in the Republic of Sudan, and I am pleased to report that we are all home safely.

At the end of our visit, and over our final meal in Kadugli, the Catholic priest explained to us that over the years of war, the Christians were considered the targets by the Islamic soldiers. This had brought great unity between all the denominations, who were now as one. They were now traumatised by war, and the fact that six Christians from England had come all this way to encourage them and express solidarity with them was heart-warming for them.

None of us had considered ourselves in any particular danger, but many people in Kadugli expressed amazement that six white men had been given permission by the government to go to the city which is still classed as being in a war zone.

On arrival in Kadugli we were greeted with joyful singing in the cathedral (a building with a corrugated iron roof that we might describe as a large hut). Our conference began on the Tuesday and went through to the Friday. Jesus made disciples – people who were trained and equipped by him to do the things he did and to be like him. Our conference was about making disciples who go on themselves to make even more disciples. The irony that this is exactly what the Church of England finds so difficult, did not escape us!

The idea was that the conference delegates were to go home and form a group of 6-12 people who would meet weekly and who they would disciple using the books which we gave to them. Part of the challenge of the conference was to help them to work as groups – their usual model of teaching being one person speaks and everyone else listens. The other challenge was to teach them to rely on the Holy Spirit.

We taught them to stand and wait with their hands held expectantly in front of them, as we asked the Holy Spirit to come upon them. Some of them were healed, even without our asking, as the Holy Spirit came upon them. Somebody in St Katharine’s had sent me a Word of Knowledge (basically a message from God) that there would be a lady there who was dressed in a bright yellow and green dress and head-dress who had suffered from a snake bite. The lady didn’t seem to be in the meeting, but then she came in. She had been cooking for the delegates. We asked her whether she had recently been bitten by a snake, and she had. We prayed for her and the bite was healed.

There was a boy who was gripped with fear and would not let go of his mother’s skirt tails. He received prayer; the fear left him. He started playing with the other children and went home on his own for the first time ever. Many other healings happened in the week.

Christopher Fielden took our greetings to the Mother’s Union in Kadugli and in Dilling (the MU is very strong in Africa). The poverty of the people in Kadugli is very great. They really have nothing, and we are so privileged in comparison. Despite the fact that our circumstances are very different, it is good to know that we have friends in Kadugli and that they have friends here who pray for them and consider them brothers and sisters in Christ.

Dominica – Building back Better

Dominica has close links with St Katharine’s and we were delighted to welcome Tina recently.
Dominica is building back better two years on from Hurricane Maria. I came back recently to check on Mum and Dad and bring news of repairing and building of homes and the development of several new hotels, a geothermal plant and plans for an international airport. Over 3,000 people have invested in becoming Dominican citizens (usd100,000) and this money, together with remarkable international aid is helping to reconstruct roads, bridges and apartments for those in shelters and tents.  At a recent sitting of the Dominican parliament one representative exclaimed that in a thunderstorm that reminded him of the Hurricane he could only exclaim “ I see the stars I hear the mighty thunder, thy power throughout the universe displayed…. My God How Great Thou Art!” Several international NGOs such as All Hands and Hearts and Habitat for Humanity use our Lifeline Ministries ( as their local partner charity and we have a hand in the building of two primary schools and four preschools so far.
The president announced  a day of remembrance on the second anniversary at which the Prime Minister said we must give Glory to God for our remarkable recovery.

Lifeline continues to focus on the most vulnerable. Helping with gifts of furniture, clothing and pampers for children and the elderly and also with educational scholarships for children with special needs. We help broken people heal and this means counselling, support groups and training, still with a special focus on those who are rejected and abused. Please pray with us as Harry blows the shofar calling people to come and meet Him who knows everything we have ever done and still loves us. Thank you for all your gifts in kind and in cash through Thank you for buying our ladies jewellery, and please know we appreciate the  hugs and warm welcome we always feel in returning to this branch of the family!  Tina

Eco Church Award

We are delighted to have received our Bronze Eco Church Award and it is been the great teamwork that has helped move this along. There is a draft management plan in place for the churchyard now and this can be viewed in the church. There are plans to develop a wildflower area and places of reflection. If you wander through the churchyard at any time, you will find a labyrinth mown into the grass behind the church. This traditional prayer walk allows time and space to pray or just be quiet and gather your thoughts. Their are guides to help if you have never walked a labyrinth before. We also have a large pile of leaf mould and compost in the churchyard. Contact us if you are interested in taking some for your garden.  Watch this space for progress towards our Silver award.

What St. Katharine’s means to me

Quotes collected at Morning Worship Patronal service 26 November 2017

  • Friendships
  • Confidence to do new things
  • Rescued me, my marriage and family
  • Loved and accepted
  • Launch into a calling
  • Peace and safety
  • Build me up – walk tall again
  • Family and support
  • Freedom to love God
  • Spirit present
  • Confident in whom I am
  • Set free from lies and healed
  • Not judged
  • Love of God in action
  • Encountered God for the first time
  • Transformed my life
  • Found God again
  • A healing God
  • Got confirmed

Explore life, faith and meaning

We believe that everyone should have the chance to explore the Christian faith, ask questions and share their point of view; wherever they are in the world.

Alpha offers the opportunity to do just that – in an informal, friendly and open environment.

Come and join our Alpha course at the Tollgate, Holt on Monday evenings at 7.30pm. The course consists of free weekly sessions and runs from 15 January to 26 March 2018. We look forward to welcoming you.

Please contact Dawn at the Benefice office on 01225 782717 or to secure your place or find out more.