“Loving the Church” by Beth Evans

12/01/2020 “Loving the Church” by Beth Evans

Holy Spirit help me to forgive

 I choose to forgive [name or description]

for [what they did/said]

which made me feel [list all the emotions]

I let go of my right for revenge or comeback. I hand it all over to You.

I ask you to bless [name]

and forgive me for judging [name]

Jesus, I ask you to heal my damaged emotions and bring your truth to replace the lies

Dominica – can you help ?

You probably remember Hurricane Maria and the devastation it caused in Dominica in September 2017 – and the extraordinarily generous response from Holt to their appeal for immediate help.

Much has changed since then with most residents now having a roof over their heads, some in in multi-occupancy hurricane-proof houses. Having lost everything though, and not having much income, they are still short of essentials with many sleeping on the ground, no kitchen utensils, no tools for horticulture and a very thin Christmas time for the children.

So we are running a second appeal – it’s very simple, if you have any of the goods listed below that you could donate, please would you leave them with Harry in the Superstore by the end of January?

The shipping costs will be about £2,000, of which we have already raised nearly half, so if you can make a donation towards shipping then you can do so through the St Katharine’s Church bank account (a/c  01525597  sort code 30-98-75)  giving the reference ‘Dominica 2020’.

Or there is a justgiving page which can also be used: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/helpfordominica2020

Bed linen sheets & pillowcases, pillows, duvet covers (but not duvets), waterproof mattress covers


Good quality clothes for men, women and children*, and swimming clothes for kids, saucepans, frying pans, general hand tools (non-electric).

For children books, sports equipment, schoolbags, black school shoes, white trainers, dominoes, playing cards, toys. Computer tablets**.

Medical supplies over-the-counter medicines, first aid supplies, honey dressings

Wheelchairs for adults.

Domestic items flat-pack bookshelves, curtains, toiletries, torches, batteries, gardening tools, sewing machines,.

To finish on a snippet of lovely news: Tina Alexander from Dominica, who many of you know and who is central to our aid efforts, was awarded the MBE for the work she did there in the days following Maria.

Thanks in advance – we’ll let you know how we get on with this appeal.

Mark Bennett and Martin Moyes

*Remember Dominica is a very hot country all year around. No top coats please!

** Working with chargers and personal documents erased.