Online Services – come and join us

We have all been getting used to doing church in a very different way and are delighted to be able to share and meet with you through our online services.  These are available on YouTube here: 

We have been  so blessed to know that we have been joined by friends and family across the globe. We would love you to connect with us through these services too.

If you click on the “subscribe” button and connect to the St Katharine’s and Gateway YouTube channel,  you will also see that there are  playlists of music that have been put together. Subscribing also means you will be notified when new resources are uploaded.  If you would prefer to receive an email from us when there are new videos or playlists, please send an email to: and we will add you to our mailing list.

Our prayers are with you at this time and we have a great hope and trust in our wonderful Lord who has His hand on all our lives. He is faithful and we pray you feel a real sense of His love and peace around you and all your loved ones at this time.

Bank details

Thank you for giving to the work of the Benefice. If you would like to give to one of the churches then the bank details are found below:

St Katharine’s PCC of Holt                 Sort code: 30 98 75      A/C: 01525597  

Broughton Gifford PCC                      Sort code:  40 44 33     A/C: 51168657          (St Mary’s)

PCC of Great Chalfield:                      Sort code:  30 98 75     A/C: 02075099          (All Saints)

For the India appeal, please give to the St Katharine’s account and mark the donation as INDIA.

To give an online donation click HERE

India Haven Home

As most of you know I travelled to India recently and was most impressed by the charity I went to visit. One part of the charity is an orphanage/school for 100 children called Haven Homes (HH). This is their website

After the Indian government recently closed all the schools, the children had to be sent to extended relatives. They were each sent with a food parcel and HH keeps in touch with the children by phone. It is a sadness they had to be dispersed because they were probably safer at HH.

We have received some photos of the food that is being distributed and they are gearing up now to feed as many as many as they can. The situation is such that there is a great risk of children and families succumbing to hunger as the virus takes hold and movement and work are seriously restricted.

This is our chance to step up and help in an area where we have made great links, and where the gospel is being shared with passion. Knowing the pastors and the team well is reassuring as we know that the money will go exactly where it is needed at this time.

I am asking our three churches to pray for them and to support them financially. Please put gifts in the St K bank account and mark them ‘India’ and let Pete Waterman, the Treasurer know if he can collect the Gift Aid on your gift. Details of the account are as follows:

St Katharine’s PCC              Sort code: 30 98 75      A/C: 01525597

I was also going to ask you to sponsor a child or a pastor which you could do for £50 a month, and if you want to set that up, please contact Lucy in the office.

I will feed back to you how the total is growing, but please give as generously as you are able, and let’s see if we can achieve a big sum to send them.