Buildings project update

Andrew writes…

Holt continues to be a special community, and the parish church of St Katharine’s continues to thrive in this rich soil. St Katharine’s has seen steady growth for the last 10 years and it continues to grow and see more people wanting to follow Christ. Sometimes growth causes you to have to rethink your buildings and how you use them.
Therefore between 18th March and 30th April, the Bishop of Salisbury has agreed that St Katharine’s Church will be closed for services, and Sunday services will take place in the Primary School Hall. During this period the first stage of the long awaited internal re-ordering of St Katharine’s will take place. The walls will be decorated, and the wooden floors restored and re-sealed and the North aisle floor carpeted. A dais will be constructed extending the height of the chancel floor out into part of the nave to improve sight lines for those seated in the congregation. The font will be moved to a new location in the area on the left as you enter the South door, which will provide a better setting for baptisms. Certain pews are being retained and repositioned along the walls of the interior, but the majority are being replaced by stackable oak chairs on metal frames. The chairs will provide for flexibility for the use of the church for services and other events. Anybody wanting to purchase any of the pews that will not be retained should contact Vaughn in the church office on 782717.
The further stages of the re-ordering, which will take place at a later date, will see the installation of new lighting, improved kitchen and toilet facilities, cupboards, and a new AV system.
The re-ordering of the church together with the redevelopment of the Coach House as a suite of church rooms will see St Katharine’s better equipped to meet to needs of the growing number of villagers who are part of the St Katharine’s family, attending services and other events. The St Katharine’s family is very wide and includes all who want to be a part of it. The week by week worshiping community is growing. But there are many others who feel a part of our Anglican village church and who want to come and worship at major festivals, and to celebrate their weddings and mark the passing of their loved ones. We are all part of the St Katharine’s family, and it is my hope that the changes in our buildings will bless us all.

With Every Blessing