2016 A Year of Invitation

We have designated 2016 as a ‘Year of Invitation’. That idea started with some invitations for us and the thought that we might make some invitations to others. The first invitation to us is an invitation that we might make to Jesus to invite him to be our Lord and to allow ourselves to be changed by his love. That is a very important invitation that only we can make for ourselves. The second invitation was an invitation to believe that from the moment Jesus died and rose, the tide irreversibly turned. It is all too easy to take on board the world’s judgment that the church has had its day, and is now in decline. That is not an accurate picture of the church worldwide nor is it a picture of our 3 Benefice churches, all of which are currently growing. The third invitation is one that I want us to do a lot of in 2016 – inviting others into the life of our Benefice Churches. This is about us exercising our faith, rather than keeping it a private matter. This is about saying that our time has come to engage in the work we know God wants us to do for him. You could invite a guest to any of our services, and you might like the look of the 2 special evening services this month, Sunday Night Live and Praise and Preach. You could invite people to Tiny Tots, Sew and Grow, soaking prayer in the Healing Centre, your homegroup. Whilst there are people who wouldn’t thank you for an invite to a church event, there are plenty who would and especially if you are able to tell them why you enjoy it so much! Let’s start making the invites and see God’s Kingdom come on this patch of Wiltshire earth…! There are talks currently on the website on the subjects of ‘the tide has turned’, ‘exercising your faith’ and ‘Your time has come’ – don’t miss out on those and other updates on our new wonderful website.

With Every Blessing Andrew


You are invited to:

  • Receive Jesus and allow yourself to be changed by his love
  • Believe the tide has turned
  • Invite others to be part of life at St K

St Katharine’s Holt – God’s Kingdom on this patch of Wiltshire earth.