Potholes and Belly-flops

Book Review by Kate M

Potholes and Belly-flops, Susie Flashman Jarvis, 2013

ISBN 978 0 9559135 8 7

This is an auto-biography written without polish or pretence. As an established Christian Susie tells the story of her transformation from a hedonistic lifestyle in the modelling industry to a life of faith. The later part of the book documents her daily discussions with God and how she practises her faith today.

I enjoyed reading Susie’s story and learning how God has changed her life.

News from Dominica

The pictures below show the recipients of the important gifts, chosen with some care…


A sewing machine was donated to a lovely young woman in St Jo with eleven children……Yes 11! and the oldest was just 14!


They live in a two roomed wooden house with no furniture, no beds, no clothes storage and the stove and a washing machine on the porch! She has placed the precious sewing machine in a what was an ice cream kiosk on the side of the road and she is already underway making hair decorations and bags to be able to sell.



And here are some pictures of the big send off…




If you would like to find out more about Tina’s news and Lifeline Dominica, please visit her website: http://www.lifelinedominica.org/lifeline-blog

Thank you

George & Angela

Update from Beccy!

BeccyI am in my first year at Moorlands College studying a BA Honours in applied theology. I am currently working alongside the children at my placement church which is a community-based church in a village near Christchurch. I am also working on an art project within the children’s work to provide resources and craft ideas to use in Sunday school.

I am really enjoying life at Moorlands, especially having the privilege of living and working in a Christian community. It is such a blessing to be able to worship, eat, sleep, work, learn and live with other believers, when for so many they are persecuted for wanting to learn about Jesus.


Beccy is part of the St K congregation and is currently training at Moorlands College at Christchurch on the south coast. She is taking a course in applied theology with emphasis on youth and community work. Over the summer we helped raise some money to support her in her course… Let’s also get behind her in prayer…