On the Home Front

Have you noticed the abundance of fruit on the bushes and trees this year? Apple,plum and damson, elderberry,sloe and rosehip? Have you been enjoying this explosion of God’s bounty? It is easy to let this season pass us by without doing anything other than deal with the abundance that falls to the ground.

This year as I’ve been making fruit crumbles and jellies, as I plan chutneys and jams I have been thinking about fruit. God desires to see fruit in our lives (Galatians5 v22-23) and as I’ve peeled and chopped I’ve tried to honestly look at my life and see where I’m being fruitful and give thanks for it. Then, with more difficulty, I’ve looked to see where there is a shortage of fruit and ask God to deal with that area so that I can be more like Jesus.
So far so good, an interesting exercise that has made me stop and reflect.The next part took me more by surprise as I peeled and cored and noted the seeds inside. I began to think how the fruit of the Spirit, that God was developing in my life, contained seeds that could in turn bear fruit in someone else’s life. This is what I found exciting because it led me to think about the people and places where I was potentially having an effect/influence and to pray about the seeds contained within my words and behaviour.

Today, every small kindness, every encouraging word, every moment of self control or patience contains a seed that can bring the love and presence of Jesus into someone else’s life! – I said it was exciting!