Be a Disciple

Jesus asked us to make disciples. Disciples are people who learn and put that learning into practice. Collecting a head full of knowledge which is not implemented, gets us nowhere. In this Benefice we desire to be discipling churches. How well do you think we are doing in that quest? Here are three simple things the bible teaches us to do – love the unlovely – be sacrificially generous – seek to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit. How much have these three things become a part of your life? Do you understand what is meant by the third one? Hopefully this points to the need to be continually improv-ing the way we disciple each other.

In October and November, we want to deliver in each of the churches 3 ser-mons which set the scene for discipling. They cover:-

A Whistle-stop Tour. How God has dealt with His people throughout bi-ble history

God’s Kingdom – what Jesus started…

God’s Kingdom Today. Following Jesus’ teaching in the same power

This sermon series will set the scene for discipling courses we want to offer to you starting in the new year.