'Understanding the extraordinary welcome home God offers to everyone who comes close to Him is the key to extending the kind of welcome we want to offer to all'


We are a village church that is above all a family of believers. We are friendly, welcoming and happy to reach out with a helping hand. We are trying to show everyone something of what Christ is like. In our Sunday Worship we offer a range of styles of services – modern and traditional – lively, and quiet and reflective. We are growing in number – from the very young to those of mature years – couples and singles... [Read more]

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'Father God, what do you want me to give?’
'Father God, what do you want me to give?' This is the bold question we want members of St Kathar[...]
Link with Dominica
We were privileged to have Tina and Harry Alexander and one of their daughters Renautta at St K (Geo[...]
David and Goliath
To the Israelite army, Goliath was a challenge too far. He was a giant and the very appearance [...]
We become taller when we bow! 
GK Chesterton wrote, ‘We become taller when we bow’. Humbling ourselves is not very fashionable, but[...]
2016 A Year of Invitation
We have designated 2016 as a ‘Year of Invitation’. That idea started with some invitations for us an[...]

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Sunday, October 30
    • United Benefice Service at St Katharine's Church10:00 AM ·



Truth and lies

An all-out search for the lost

The Prophecy

Tina Alexander